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    August 08, 2019

  • "Build a zoo and make the animals comfortable"

Wildlife Park 3 tests your management skills by making you the creator and manager of a zoo with everything that goes with it: investing in improvements, taking good care of animals, offering promotions that attract customers, and so on.

Many aspects have to be taken into account if you want to progress in this game, from each type of animal to the climate. The most important thing in Wildlife Park 3 is undoubtedly the welfare of the various animals that are present in the zoo, having the possibility of incorporating new claims if you think that economically you can bear it until the benefits are no longer scarce.

In order for each animal to feel at home in your own zoo, you will have to invest in constructions that you will build yourself. Fences, ponds and trees are some of the countless elements you can add to the environment. After doing so, it will be possible to improve certain aspects of the zoo by spending the money reported on the tickets purchased by customers who wish to observe the animals that you take care of so well throughout the day.

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